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Why Choose Carson STEAM High School

Carson High School has traditionally been known for its strong Athletics legacy. But when current students are asked, one would receive reasons like, “I like Carson High School because I really like the people here.” “I like Carson High School because of the diversity in the people and the academy choices.” “I like Carson High School because the teachers are really nice and easy to talk to if you have a problem.”

Carson High School has gone through changes and continues to thrive toward a welcoming environment for students to increase Colt Love and Colt Learning. There is definitely a connection here on Colt Territory when one joins the Carson High School family. Students are not ignored. In fact, we seek their voice first!

When you come to Carson High School, you are not only enrolling your child into a school, you are joining a family. The Counselors know students by name. The Administration ensures that the environment for all students and faculty are safe. The teachers care about students, and their learning. Carson High School athletic coaches are invested in our athletes. Those who work at Carson High School love working here!