Enrollment & Registration



Thank you for your interest in enrolling your student at Carson High School!
We are proud to offer three academy options, and one Magnet option for our students:

Option 1

Performing Arts and Media Academy (PAMA)

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Option 2

Global Business, Law & Government (GBLG)

Option 3

Environmental Science, Engineering & Technology (ESET)

Option 4

Musical Entertainment & Media Arts Magnet (MEDiA)

NEW TO THE SCHOOL: Enrollment packets linked down below in English and Spanish. Copies are also available in the Attendance Office.


Select the option that best describes you:
1) Your address does not reside within our residential area but would like your child to attend our school –
     Intra-district permit is required. Permits require: most recent report card, transcripts from previous school (for incoming 10th-12th graders), Social Adjustment Report (behavior report), and an attendance report. Documents will be reviewed by Carson HS admin at a mandatory permit meeting and are subject to approval.
2) Your address is outside of LAUSD boundaries but would like your child to enroll and transfer to LAUSD –  
     Inter-district permit is required. Process begins with your residential district. Please visit permits.lausd.net to finish steps.

NOTE: Any student who is on Permit can have their permit revoked at any given time for failing to meet academic expectations, behavioral issues, and or due to attendance issues.